Ecological measures

Among the practices that will be incorporated into the project are:

  • Reduce the use of paper in meetings and training activities. Encourage the use of digital formats instead of physical formats when presenting results and information. Recycled paper will be used with recognized certifications such as: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Der Blause Engel (Blue Angel), Processed Chlorine Free (PCF), Chlorine Free Paper (TCF) and Heavy Metal Absence.
  • In face-to-face meetings, training courses or seminars, ecological material will be provided such as paper pens, notebooks with recycled paper,…
  • Encourage participants in in-person activities to use sustainable means of transportation or ecological travel to the extent possible (such as carpooling).
  • Dissemination of these measures internally by each partner to those who are going to participate in the different activities of the project.
  • The internal communications system between partners using new technologies (e-mail, online collaborative management, shared document repositories such as Google Drive or Dropbox, etc.) minimizes the use of paper.
  • Internal communication through videoconferences between members of the partnership and with external stakeholders. Videoconferencing is a good solution to the problem of air pollution by reducing the use of transportation.
  • A training module on ecological practices will be included in the training activities included in the project.
  • In the premises where training activities, meetings and seminars are carried out, the operating temperature will be 23-25 ºC in summer and 21-23 ºC in winter.
  • Reduction of the use of plastics in face-to-face activities (plastic mineral water bottles, plastic pens, etc…).